Welcome to Kuwili Lani Legacy Estates
”Decisions made today … affecting generations to follow“

The concept of Kuwili Lani (“To Embrace the Heavens”) came about from the principle of one being independent and in charge of one’s own destiny—to be a part of a “legacy" that expresses their values by, first, being a good steward of the land and, second, living a sustainable lifestyle that considers the needs of future generations.

At Kuwili Lani it is our intention to enable homeowners to create a legacy within their lifetime by:

  • Passing along values via the way one lives
  • Obtaining a lifestyle that takes care of most of your current needs with the potential for it to also take care of your children and grandchildren’s needs
  • Using your financial resources wisely and passing along that wisdom to future generations.
  • Investing in a quality, well-designed residence that is constructed to last for many generations
  • Making a statement now about your concern for the environment while living a convivial lifestyle / quality of life.

Does this sound like what you would want your legacy to be?

 Then welcome to Kuwili Lani.