The Kuwili Lani Story

Kuwili Lani came about when three entrepreneurial gentlemen from diverse backgrounds—an Environmental Science major, a General Contractor / Timber frame home fabricator, and a Management Consultant—teamed up with the goal of creating a better way to live by filling an under-served market. They set out to create a path for people to follow, enabling them to embrace a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

The three partners formed Big Island Sustainable Homes, LLP to perpetuate the vision of people embracing the most satisfying life achievable while having the least impact on our beautiful Hawaiian environment. Kuwili Lani is the result of extensive research and effort on how our built environment affects the health and well-being of its occupants and the planet at large. The realization of this vision, a first of its kind fossil-fuel free, sustainable neighborhood in the state of Hawaii, offers the public more options to acquire a more gratifying living environment.

Kuwili Lani is an “Intentional Community“ in which the residents make a statement about their concern for the well-being of future generations, while living a convivial lifestyle in the present; and where being surrounded by the beauty of the Hamakua Coast, coupled with living independently, are the guiding factors in obtaining such a quality of life.

Welcome to Kuwili Lani : for today, tomorrow and future generations.

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